The Call of the North

DarkstarThere has been some playing hard to get (back in the day, James Young and Aiden Whalley even suggested that the disk would hit the street before the end of 2009), but the debut album by Darkstar is finally coming up to its release. On 18th September (a day later in the US), the Hyperdub label will release “North”, an album of ten songs that heralds changes. With the exception of "Aidy's Girl Is A Computer”, the last single from the duo to date, the album is made up of new songs (or almost, as “When It's Gone”is a new, updated version of “Squeeze my Lime”). They’re tracks that Darkstar has worked on in the company of vocalist James Buttery, moving in a direction their label describes as an intriguing "low-key pop" with a synthetic texture (although you can also hear pianos, strings, and guitars in the arrangements), that are allergic to the use of easy emotion that abounds in the contemporary pop world. As the first single from the album, "Gold" will be released in maxi format in early October. It’s an adaptation of an obscure track by The Human League ("You Remind Me Of Gold"), inspired by the hours the duo said that they had spent listening to that same song (originally put out as a 12”, 45rpm-33rpm). For more information, read Kode9 ‘s interview with Aiden and James here.

Darkstar - “North”01. In The Wings02. Gold03. Deadness04. Aidy's Girl Is A Computer05. Under One Roof06. Two Chords07. North08. Ostkreuz09. Dear Heartbeat10. When Its Gone

Darkstar - “Aidy's Girl Is A Computer”

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