Danuel Tate

Mexican party

Danuel TateAfter a digression towards abstract beats of hip hop derivation in the shape of Jules Chaz’s most recent album, the Wagon Repair men are back to their usual territory with “Mexican Hotbox”, the debut album of their partner Danuel Tate. A less prolific producer, he’s put out two maxis in three years, in fact many will know him as the keyboard player in Cobblestone Jazz. The album promises heterogeneous jazz, swing and Latin elements with an electronic base (at the juncture of electrofunk, broken beats, organic house and the most refined techno) suitable for the dance floor. The album will hit stores on 22nd November.

Danuel Tate – “Mexican Hotbox”01. Mexican Hotbox 02. Big Spender 03. If I Want To 04. Careful Mind 05. OK Then 06. California Can Can 07. Shooting Blanks 08. I'll Be Your Whatever 09. Cinnamon Sugar 10. Populatio 11. City Kids

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