Daniel Johnston

The Story of an Artist (Box Set)

Daniel Johnston Jason McDowellLos responsables de Munster Records, ya expertos en el asunto de las reediciones gracias a su labor al frente de Vampisoul y Vinilisssimo, han tenido la feliz idea de recuperar en formato de box set seis de las obras primerizas del incomparable Daniel Johnston, bardo pop lunático y genial, y como tal capaz de lo mejor y de lo peor a lo largo de una carrera de lo más atípica que dura ya más de tres décadas. La caja verá la luz a la altura del 22 de junio con el título de Daniel Johnston: The Story of an Artist, reuniendo en un mismo estuche de edición limitada seis trabajos -todos presentados en sus carpetas individuales, conservando su artwork original- datados entre 1980 y 1983, discos que en su día sólo fueron editados en formato casete. El pack, disponible tanto en formato de disco compacto (6 CD) como en vinilo (6LP), se completa con un libro de 64 páginas que recoge anotaciones hagiográficas, un extenso texto a cargo del periodista Everett True, un póster de doble cara, fotos y dibujos del propio Johnston.

Daniel Johnston - “The Story of an Artist” “Songs of Pain” (1981):

1. Grievances 02. A Little Story 03. Joy Without Pleasure 04. Never Relaxed 05. Brainwash 06. Pothead 07. Wicked World 08. Lazy 09. I Save Cigarette Butts 10. Like A Monkey In A Zoo 11. Wicked Will 12. An Idiot's End 13. Wild West Virginia 14. Since I Lost My Tooth 15. Urge 16. Living Life 17. Tuna Ketchup 18. Premarital Sex 19. Don't Act Nice 20. Hate Song

“Don't Be Scared”(1982):

1. Going Down 02. Lost Without A Dame 03. Harley Man 04. Evening Stars 05. Something More 06. Cold Hard World 07. I Had A Dream 08. The Story Of An Artist 09. My Yoke Is Heavy 10. Stars On Parade 11. And You Love It 12. I Had Lost My Mind 13. The Sun Shines Down On Me 14. Loner 15. I Don't Want To Be Scared 16. Lullaby 17. I Was Alone 18. Mother Mom Said

“The What of Whom”(1982):

1. Man Obsessed 02. Peek-a-boo 03. Never Before/Never Again 04. The Goldfish & The Frog 05. Scuttle-butt 06. Heart, Mind & Soul 07. Blue Clouds 08. Surely You Don't Work All Night 0
9. I Can't Think Anymore 10. Excuse Me 11. Polka Dot Rag 12. Why/Without You 13. An Incoherent Speech 14. Wicked World 15. To Go Home 16. Scrambled Eggs 17. Peace & Tranquility 18. When You're Pretty

“More Songs of Pain”(1983):

01. Phantom Of My Own Opera 02. Man At War 03. Only Missing You 04. More Dead Than Alive 05. I Will 06. Poptunes 07. You Put My Love Out The Door 08. You're Gonna Make It Joe 09. Theme For Grievances 10. Never Get To Heaven 11. Follow That Dream 12. POW 13. For The Love Of Pete 14. Blue Cloud 15. Grievances Revisited 16. True Grief 17. My Baby Cares For The Dead 18. Mabel's Grievances

“The Lost Recordings I” (1991):

1. Take A Little Walk 02. Before It's Too Late 03. Oh What A Wonderful Feeling 04. I'd Like To Say Goodbye 05. That's Silly 06. There Ain't Much You Can Do 07. I'm A Song 08. You Should Have Been My Wife 09. You Ruined It For Yourself 10. Once Upon A Dream 11. I Love You 12. Scattered Like Birds 13. More About Wicked Will 14. Good Luck 15. Got To Go On 16. It's Real 17. If You Were Here Today 18. Girlfriend 19. Void (Space For The Memories) 20. Sad And Lonely 21. I'm Nervous 22. Cosmic Kid 23. Never Die 24. Kiss Me Again 25. I Wish I Could Call You 26. Love Is Weird 27. Burn Baby Burn 28. No Fun 29. Art Peace 30. Instrumental

“The Lost Recordings II” (1991):

01. All Around The World 02. You're Not Laura (After You're Gone) 03. I'm Gonna Buy Me A Car 04. Out West 05. The Undertaker's Assistant 06. Dreams Come True 07. Mean To Me 08. Fly Me To The Moon 09. Love Defined 10. Love 11. How I Love That Organ Music 12. We Could Be Together Again 13. Happy Talk 14. The Miracle Of Love 15. Who Killed The Monkey 16. The Wedding 17. Unfinished Symphony 18. Blue Cloud 19. I Never Meant To Be Spooky 20. Dream Lover 21. What's A Matter With Me 22. If I Kissed You Once 23. I Give Up 24. Lonely Orphan On The Run 25. The Goat Show 26. You've Got A Funny Sense Of Humor 27. Last Song For You

Ilustración de Jason McDowell.

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