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Dan Deacon Coppola “Twixt Now and Sunrise” Last week we heard from Exclaim! about some of the future projects of that lunatic Dan Deacon. There won’t be a new studio album for now, but that doesn’t mean the man from Baltimore is taking a break. Rather the opposite, Deacon is planning to release a series of EPs dedicated to some long pieces he describes as “20-minute epic ragers”. He also confirms his part in two projects that have taken him towards composing for others. “One is a suite of new pieces. For lack of a better term, like new music. I hate the term avant-garde or experimental classical, but less pop-oriented pieces for this percussion ensemble called So Percussion. So that's been dominating my brain," Deacon explains. "The other is a big piece for the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony in Ontario. I've never written a full piece for an orchestra. I've written parts of a piece for school, but I've been out of school now for six years. So that's absorbed my life, that's been the main piece of music I've been working on.”

Well, now we know that during that interview, Deacon forgot to mention a minor detail, that director Francis Ford Coppola has chosen him as the composer of the soundtrack of his upcoming film, “Twixt Now and Sunrise”, a “gothic romance” starring Val Kilmer, Bruce Dern, Ben Chaplin and Elle Fanning. For now there’s not much more known about the project, but sources close to the musician have stated that his collaboration with Coppola won’t be limited to writing the score. More details soon.

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