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Siblings who get along well

Damon AlbarnAs if his affairs with Gorillaz, his regular meetings with his Blur band mates, his album with Flea and Tony Allen or his work on The Good, The Bad, And The Queen’s second album weren’t enough, we have just found out that Damon Albarn is preparing a soundtrack for a very special client: his sister.

Last summer, Jessica Albarn released “The Boy in the Oak” (Simply Read Books), a book that features her own illustrations to a fantasy tale about elves. Now Albarn has teamed up with director Luke Losey in order to take her book to the silver screen. Damon will do the soundtrack, Jude Law will provide the voice-over, while Alcove Entertainment, the team behind films including Harmony Corine’s recent effort, “Trash Humpers”, are the producers. For now we’ll have to make do with the information that the short film “tells the story of a lonely young boy and the journey he takes upon discovering an old oak tree in the garden of his family home [...] capturing the nature of the childhood experiences”. The film will be released in Spring 2011.

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