Damien Jurado & Richard Swift

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Damien JuradoThey recently collaborated on “Saint Barlett” (Secretly Canadian/Houston Party, 2010), the latest album by Damien Jurado (produced by Swift, who also played a good share of the instruments that feature on the album). And it looks like they got along pretty well because they’ve been in the studio again together -over a weekend in August, with only the help of an old 4-track recorder and a Coles 4038 microphone- coming up with an album which includes cover versions of Kraftwerk, Bill Fay, Yes, John Denver, Chubby Checker and The Fleetwoods, among others. The album, called “Other People's Songs. Volume 1”, is available for free here.

Damien Jurado & Richard Swift – “Other People's Songs. Volume 1”01. Be Not So Fearful02. Hello Sunshine03. Swetnees04. Sincere Replies05. If The Sun Stops Shinin'06. Follow Me07. Outside My Window08. Radioactivity09. Crazy Like A Fox

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