Revisiting his teenage years

Dam-FunkAlthough most of us discovered him shortly before the release of his monumental, 5-LP debut album called “Toeachizown”(Stones Throw, 2009), Californian Damon G. Riddick has been making music since he was a little kid. He learned how to play drums aged six, although his self-teaching instincts and drive soon led him to the more ample timbre possibilities afforded by keyboards and synthesizers. When he was in high school, Dam decided to become a one-man-band and begin exploring multi-track recording with the help of two modest radio cassette players, a couple of synthesizers (Korg M1 and Casio SK-1) and his first rhythm box, LinnDrum. DIY at its purest!

Peanut Butter Wolf is determined to show the world what Dâm-Funk used to do when he was a teenager in love with Boogie, G-Funk and New Jack Swing. At the request of the boss of Stones Throw, Riddick has recovered 16 old songs recorded between 1988 and 1992. The tracks, selected by PBW himself, are included in an album that goes by the highly appropriate name “Adolescent Funk”, which is scheduled for release on 26th October.

Dam-Funk – “Adolescent Funk”01. Fonky Island Life 02. It's My Life! 03. The Telephone Call 04. I Like Your Big Azz (Girl) 05. Sexy Lady 06. I Don't Want You 07. UCanDoItIfUWant2 08. I Love Life 09. When I'm With U I Think Of Her 10. Do You Feel Like I Feel? 11. I Don't Love U 12. Raindrops 13. Attitude 14. I Appreciate My Life


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