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Dam-Funk / Computer JayDay after day, week after week, talk about L.A.’s new beat scene doesn’t seem to be waning. Quite to the contrary, it’s bubbling over. And although there are more and more local editorial projects devoted to checking the pulse of new talent in L.A., the scene has one of it’s glossiest mirrors in soggy Ireland, in All City Records to be precise. After the volume shared by Daedelus and Teebs (the split release very fresh still), All City’s “Los Angeles” series will now see a seventh instalment in the form of a 12” shared by two thirds of MasterBlaster, Dam-Funk and Computer Jay. To be released next week.

Dam-Funk / Computer Jay – “Los Angeles 7/10” 01. Dam-Funk - Night Stroll 02. Dam-Funk - 3012 Luv Affai 03. Computer Jay - Phantom 04. Computer Jay - Vice 05. Computer Jay - Rare Type

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