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A Schedule for ?Tron: Legacy?

Daft PunkWe reported on this in July, although back then the news was more based on suppositions (nurtured, remember, by the release date provided by Amazon, a piece of information that was removed a few hours later at the request of Disney) than on certainties. Now, that date has been finally confirmed… or almost. It won’t be the 23rd November but the 22nd that Walt Disney Records will release the score that Daft Punk created for “Tron: Legacy”, the “Tron” sequel (a classic among early-80s sci-fi films) directed by Joseph Kosinski that will open in cinemas on 17th December. Besides this release date, news has reached us about two details concerning the soundtrack: the cover artwork and the fact that the score was partially recorded at London’s AIR Lyndhurst Studios with a 100-member international orchestra. The more impatient among you can pre-order your copy here.

Daft Punk - “Derezzed” (From The Tron Legacy Score)

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