Daft Punk

Listen to parts of the ?Tron: Legacy? soundtrack

Daft PunkAfter months of fantasising, speculation and false rumours, we can finally listen to some of the first segments of music by Daft Punk from the forthcoming sequel to “Tron”. Coinciding with the release of the new trailer (you can watch it after the jump) are six of the instrumental pieces -amalgamations of dramatic, tense strings, sequences of spacey analogue electronica and digital effects; nothing that resembles the distinguished past of Daft Punk. They will form part of the “Tron: Legacy” score, and have been streaming online since last Friday on the film’s official website, and on the site of American radio station The End. The premiere of the film is set for 17th December, and although Walt Disney Records prefer not to say anything about it just yet, it’s expected that the soundtrack will be out in the last week of November.

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