DOOM Born Like This” (Lex/Popstock, 2009) was a promising release that didn’t live up to its expectation. Now the masked super-evil one from the New York underground rap scene has realised a new live album, something quite surprising if we take into account his live shows are full of improvisation, with a greater tendency towards disaster than brilliance. That’s why we question the value of the proposal and its identity (i.e. Metal Face DOOM himself has confirmed he stayed at home whilst someone else wearing his mask was performing pretending to be him). The album titled Expektoration will contain material recorded on one of his latest shows at the big apple (it could be from last September one), where Big Ben Klingon supported on vocals and tracks from Operation: Doomsday (Fondle 'Em, 1999), Madvillainy (Stones Throw, 2004) or Mm... Food (Rhymesayers, 2004) were featured. The long player will be available from September the 14th via Gold Dust. There’s still no official tracklisting (we think when is ready it’ll be published here), but you can check the artwork below.


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