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Wave Funk

DMX Krew  Wave FunkFar from his fifteen most media-covered minutes of fame, Londoner Edward Upton (alias ED DMX) is still giving it his all for vintage electronic sounds, always moving halfway between synthetic pop, electro and robotic techno. By the end of last March, Strange Life ( Legowelt’s label) recovered unreleased material from the DMX Krew archives and released it as “The March Of Stars”. Five months later we are told that Rephlex is releasing “Wave Funk”, a double CD with new material (the album “Wave Funk”, which you have in the player below) and tracks previously released on vinyl. Thirty-five cuts between synth-pop, electro-funk, quirky techno and retro-futurist experimental electronica.

DMX Krew - “Wave Funk”

CD101. Parking Orbit02. I Can’t Control The Feeling03. Cherry Ripe04. Mr Blue05. Get Down (To The Sound)06. Gorf Man07. Otis08. Gravity Boots09. Wave Funk10. I’m Back11. Particle Burst12. Zero Gravity Aerobics13. Day Out14. Jupiter Mission15. Neon Slime16. ConFuzion17. Metro 1990

CD201. Metronome02. Bad Sector II03. Probability Waves04. Reverse Tachyon Beam05. Meridian 121206. Monolith07. Spinal Implants08. Synchroton Blue09. Mars Memory10. Space11. Flanging12. Garden Gate13. Thrilling14. The Monsignor15. Brain Location Service16. Clock Works17. Byzantium18. Funeral Procession

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