DJ /rupture presents CIAfrica

Building bridges all the way to the Ivory Coast

DJ /ruptureAt Dutty Artz HQ in Brooklyn they keep looking south, moving in the peripheries of urban, looking for fresh air for their second and third world ghetto rhythms. Their new bet is CIAfrica, a label based in Paris which is interested in reggae, dancehall and hip-hop from Africa, specifically that from the Ivory Coast. In an attempt to draw attention to CIAfrica’s work, Jace Clayton (aka DJ /rupture) has been digging in the label’s catalogue to select some twenty cuts –by MCs like Barboza, Manusa, Nasty or Prince Abraham, most of them produced by Amadou aka Green Dog, the label’s head honcho – which he has gathered on “DJ /rupture presents CIAfrica: Clan Des Indigenes Accables of United States of Africa”. The album will be released on Dutty Artz on 24th August.

Var.- DJ /rupture presents CIAfrica: Clan Des Indigenes Accables of United States of Africa01. Barboza - Negro Politicien V.1 02. Panorama - Black Mama 03. Nasty - Cash (Freestyle) 04. Prince Abraham - Chacun Sa Voie 05. Manusa - Dis Moi [ft. Prince Abraham] 06. Manusa - Imagine 07. Nasty - J'reste Une Hard 08. Prince Abraham - Je Dois Travailler 09. Manusa - J'Fuck 10. Manusa - Muzik [ft. Messengers] 11. Manusa and Messengers - Black President 12. Babylon Residence - Epikstar Riddim 13. Manusa - Ghetto Players 14. Barboza - Kossia 15. Barboza - Sioo'Dja 16. Messengers - Babylon Advisory 17. Manusa - Babi [ft. Ren K]

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