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There will be new Gang Starr material

DJ Premier Gang StarrAs was to be expected, there will be post-mortem releases by the great MC Keith Elam, better known as Guru, as well. The good news is that it won’t be Solar, but his old friend and brother in arms DJ Premier, who will be taking care of the posthumous project. In declarations to XXL Mag, Premier has confirmed that he has at least five unreleased songs by Guru, and that there are people in Europe ready to facilitate him with the vocal tracks of at least eight other cuts on which they worked with Elam at the time. Those tracks were never finished and, according to Premier, their authors asked him to create something new from the rhymes of his former partner. “It’s songs he did with them and they never finished it and they said I can have them. They reached out and were like, “As long as you’re doing it. You can have the vocals.” They are all brand new, from like a year and a half ago. I listened to them and I’ll make them shits sound like we were together. Well, we will be together because spiritually, he’s with me for the rest of my life.”

Apart from working on that material for the release of a new effort under the name of Gang Starr, Premier is editing hundreds of hours worth of video footage for a DVD that will be released as an appendix to that album. “I’m putting together a Gang Starr DVD because I’ve been filming since 1989. I did all the filming until 1993. Then I started bringing guys with me. I have hundreds and hundreds of tapes of me and Guru arguing in the airport. Him and Shug fighting. Guru tried fighting everyone. Now, you look at it and it’s like, damn, I miss that.” While the project is confirmed, there is no release date known as of yet. So you can start preparing your hopes and patience.

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