DJ Premier & Pete Rock

Together? but not scrambled

DJ Premier & Pete RockIn the end it was Kanye West who helped bring rap legends DJ Premier and Pete Rock together. They met during the recording sessions of “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”, and the chemistry of that first meeting spurned a collaboration, or as they say, “a friendly competition”, within the boundaries of an album. Both producers have been working on a split that is not yet titled. The album will include twelve tracks, six by each, every one featuring guest MCs. What’s curious about all this is the fact that they’ve decided the project would be more fun if they kept it a secret from each other, as far as the bases used and collaborators invited. And this is how they’re proceeding, separately and independently, although as Premier acknowledges in an interview he gave to Beats, Boxing and Mayhem, there’s already been some spying. "Pete came to my studio and laid one of them with one of the artists. I took sneak listen and the shit sounds hot. He doesn't even know I heard it, but that's what he gets for doing a session in my studio."

Premier has revealed GZA will rap on one of his songs. The rest of the MCs are unusual choices and lower profile artists, people who, according to Primo, will surprise many in the industry. There’s no title, official tracklist or release date available, but they’ve believe they’ll have everything ready before the end of the year.

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