DJ Nate + DJ Rashad + DJ Roc

Juke triumvirate on Planet Mu

DJ NateIn early May we announced that DJ Nate had joined the Planet Mu family as the first representative in Europe of juke, a style originally from Chicago with roots in hip hop and the slickest ghetto house. Well, it looks like Mike Paradinas’ gamble on juke/footwork is serious, because while confirming details about the debut album of the very young DJ Nate, future releases by veterans DJ Rashad and DJ Roc ( Clarence Johnson aka The Crack Capone), two of the key figures of the Chicago Juke scene, were announced as well. On 6th September, Da Trak Genious, the 25-track album by Nate will be in stores. The releases by Rashad (an EP called Itz Not Rite) and Roc (an album called “The Crack Capone”) are scheduled for early and late October respectively.

DJ Nate - “Da Trak Genious”01. Back Up Kid 02. U Aint Workin Wit Nuthin 03. Footwurk Homicide 04. Turn Back Time 05. Hatas Our Motivation 06. Call Me When You’re Sober 07. My Heart 08. You’re Gonna Luv Me 09. It’s Impossible 10. Below Zero 11. Fade Da Black Trak 12. Halloween Wurks 13. Ga Ga Lord R.I.P. 14. 3 Peat 15. Let Me Show U Girl 16. May Be Sum Day 17. Go Hard 18. A+ Mayhem 19. Let Da Beat Build 20. Sexual Healing 21. He Ain’t Bout It 22. Free 23. Lil Mama Bad as Hell 24. Give Dat Man Room 25. Poetry

DJ Rashad - “Itz Not Rite”01. Itz Not Rite 02. Teknitian 03. 10 On Da Cush 04. Who Da Coldest 05. Baby 06. Rashad

DJ Roc - “The Crack Capone”

Side A:One BloodLet´s Get It StartedThey Can´t Fuck With MePhantom CallKing Of The Circle

Side B:I Make Her SayI can´t Control The FeelingFuck DatMake Crack Like DisTake His Ass Out

Side C: DJ Roc SimphonyLost Without YouGirl Wen I DanceBall Em UpI Don´tlike The Look Of It

Side D:Get Buck JoneGun SmokeKill Da BitchShot DownBreak It Down

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