M.I.A.?s revenge

M.I.A.After the polemic promo video of Born Free, and her digs at Gaga, young Mathangi Arulpragasam is in the news again for no musical reason. It would seems M.I.A. doesn’t like to take it as she dishes it out, or at least she didn’t like the way she was portrayed in a recent New York Times Magazine interview examining the many contradictions surrounding her character and career. The feature by Lynn Hirschberg was written after meeting Maya and people from “her crew” (ex-boyfriend Diplo describes her as a Machiavellian , suggesting there certainly is love lost between the two, neither does Romain Gavras come out of this lightly), where the artist is portrayed as full of herself, lacking a sense of humour, always on her high horse and obsessed with being controversial and subversive while living a life of luxury and commodity. As expectable, M.I.A. found the article offensive and took her revenge by publishing Hirschberg’s phone number on twitter as if it was her own digits, thus collapsing the journalist voice mail for days. M.I.A. has promised to publish this weekend previous un-edited versions of her encounters with Hirschberg on the N.E.E.T. site as she considers the Times Magazine article bears no likeness to reality.

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