Lil Wayne is accused of smuggle

Lil Wayne Uber-rapper Lil Wayne's stay behind bars has gone a bit topsy-turvy. While outside in the free world the lawsuits for unpaid royalties and unfulfilled contracts keep coming, the authorities at Rikers Island penitentiary have accused Mr. Wayne of smuggling prohibited material. Smuggled what? you may ask yourself… Music. According to several US sources, they have snatched his mp3 player, headphones and charger. This type of technology seems to be forbidden inside the North American prison walls, at least at the New York ones. Interns are authorised to buy a AM/FM radio and some standard headphones at the joint's store, but the interaction with mp3 players is not allowed. It transpired that he has been “grassed” by another inmate, even if the player in question was found in another cell, the next-door one. On finding the offensive material, Wayne da Lil has been accused of contraband, thought it's not clear yet what type of implications this will carry on his serving sentence for possession of illegal firearms.

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