20 millions for RZA

RZAHalf way through January, we informed you of Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, better known in hip-hop circles as RZA, working on his first film, a story of “kung-fu, but not grindhouse- something that's modern, like "Blade”, as described by co-producer Eli Roth. Well, it hasn't been confirmed yet if the film will be titled “The Man with the Iron Fist or Fists” or simply “Fist”, but the martial arts moving picture has managed to secure budget not granted very often for a B movie. According to Deadline, the one from Wu-Tan Clan has reached an agreement with Universal Pictures to pump 20 million dollars into the project. RZA, script writer, director and main character of the film, will work alongside Roth and Quentin Tarantino, the same one that rapper has mentioned many times as one of his biggest influences from the silver screen. The shoot will start in Hong Kong by September. RZA's will produce the soundtrack too.

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