Phoenix and their master remix lesson.

PhoenixA marriage made in heaven... and a ménage à trois even. We’ve just learned that sometime ago, the Grizzly Bear lads wanted to bounce back at the Phoenix mirror the shadows of their most intimate songs,“Foreground” to be precise, that naked cut built around hypnotised pianos and choral voices, the one that closes the celebrated Veckatimest (Warp, 2009). Phoenix thought it was somehow too daring to mess around with this beautiful song, so they took a different perspective: the random juxtaposition of two tracks (the above mentioned “Foreground” and a variation of “ Canon in D Major” by Pachelbel that Brian Eno included in “Discreet Music” (1975), both extracted from YouTube) that once tried and tested, surprisingly complement each other very well. The Gallic team explains the method of their “aleatory and combinatory remix” on their site.

  1. Press play on any of the players.
  2. After a random number of seconds, press play on the other player.
  3. You can now create the mix by adjusting the volume of the players.
  4. If it sounds good: congratulations. If it doesn’t: try again!
Here you have both players so you can experiment yourself according to the Phoenix rule book.

Grizzly Bear - Foreground

Brian Eno – Canon in D Major

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