The John Peel legacy

Tom Ravenscroft John PeelLike father like son, though is going to be hard for the junior to shine brighter, even half as bright would be sufficient, than the legend of his father. Tom Ravenscroft, John Robert Parker Ravenscroft’s son (aka, John Peel), has just been signed as BBC Radio 6 Music's host of a new radio show that will replace the one Bruce Dickinson (from Iron Maiden) hosted on Friday nights. John Peel’s heir show will plea on behalf of “new music”, just like that, though there must be a clue on the Global Soundtracks regarding his taste and interests. Paul Rodgers, 6 music editor says that , “Tom Ravenscroft has the knowledge, passion and articulacy that you might expect from someone of his lineage”. The announcement of Ravenscroft addition to 6 Music staff arrives at a time when the future of the station is pending by a thread. Last February Mark Thompson, BBC’s director general, announced that included on the company’s plans of restructure, BBC 6 Music will no longer exist. So far there has been huge support from artists, listeners and industry insiders against the plan, but the future of the station continues in danger.

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