Debut album out by the end of May

Cults Primavera Sound 2011

So far, the New York twosome Cults has only released the one (tremendous) single “ Go Outside” and some loose lo-fi tracks. But soon we’ll be able to see if they are long-term material or not. In the Name Of (the label directed by Lily Allen, linked to Columbia) will release the duo’s self-titled album in Europe on 30th May. The record features the help of engineer Shane Stoneback, who has worked with such diverse artists as Vampire Weekend, Britney Spears, Fucked Up and Backstreet Boys. With regards to the sonic direction, we’ll have to make do with the short press release: “ Expanding on the off-kilter loveliness of tracks like 'Most Wanted' and 'Go Outside', the album compresses key points in the history of pop - everyone from My Bloody Valentine to Phil Spector to Jay Z and Lesley Gore - and takes it down some very unexpected (and sometimes, unexpectedly dark) places indeed.” If this rhetoric seduces you, make sure you catch Cults at San Miguel Primavera Sound 2011. There we’ll be able to see how one of the most promisingly hyped acts of the season do on stage.

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