Lily Allen’s favourites

Renovate or die. That’s the most repeated phrase when it comes to discussing the changes that have desolated the traditional music industry’s business model. Some classic brands, like Columbia Records, seem to have focussed their attention on the more dynamic independent front as a first step on the way of this renovation. We already told you in November that, almost at the same time, Columbia signed Katy B and Cults , both new artists with barely two singles each to their names. Well, now we know that signing Cults was actually Lily Allen’s idea. La Allen is at the helm of In The Name Of, the new label associated with Columbia. And the first thing she and her label are going for is the retro pop with a touch of soul and sixties girl-group harmonies of Cults. The duo is now putting the finishing touch to their debut album, due out in May. In the meantime, Lily and her peeps are trying to sign new bands for their new label.Cults - Go Outside{youtube width="100%" height="25"}KHhEBqRTXdk{/youtube}

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