Cults + Katy B

In the basket of Columbia

CultsThe Columbia Records label is rejuvenating itself, with new bands lining up along its independent front. In a safe and well executed gesture, the world’s oldest record label (not the first, but the longest surviving), has just announced the signing up of two artists we love very much: Cults and Katy B.

We first came across Cults in March this year, a band who marvellously play the trump card of their anonymity to multiply their song’s appeal. Their old pop tinged with soul and harmonies from early 60’s girl’s bands soon caught the attention of Forest Family Records, a small label associated with two reputed blogs. You’ll probably recognize the second artist, Katy B, from Rinse FM. After conquering the British charts with her first two singles (produced by Benga, Zinc and Geeneus), the young London’s songstress has just signed to the major label.

Both Cults and Katy B will release albums through Columbia sometime in the first half of 2011.

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