Cuckoo Chaos

Signed to Lefse

Quite humorously and with a sense of absurdity, their label defines them as “the Richard Nixon of disco dancing”, the “John the Baptist of cunnilingus” and “the John McEnroe of meditation”. They, with their feet more on the ground, prefer to describe themselves as “just five nerds looking to make music”. Those are the words of Scott Wheeler, the leader of Cuckoo Chaos, a San Diego band recently signed to Lefse Records. It is said their sound is a hybrid pop with hippie roots, although they actually sound closer to the former - with vivid rhythms and the world-music air of artists like Paul Simon or Vampire Weekend. Next week their first 7” “Jesus Flag American Fish” will be released. These two songs are the appetiser to their debut album, “Woman”, set for release on 2nd October.

CuckooChaos-JesusFlagAmericanFish by NYLONmag

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