Cubic Zirconia

Loyal to their hearts

Cubic Zirconia Cubic Zirconia are about to release their debut album through LuckyMe. This we learned in early October, when the Glasgow-born, rhythm-twisting family dropped the news about their new member after months of secret schemes. The album, entitled “Follow Your Heart”, has a confirmed tracklist and cover artwork, as well as a definite released date (8th February). The band is led by the dazzling Tiombe Lockhart, who has surrounded herself by prestigious friends like Dâm-Funk, Bilal and Drop The Lime to record more than a dozen versatile songs, at the juncture of disco, house, R&B, and danceable post-punk, influenced by ESG, LFO and SWV (HudMo dixit).

Instead of trying with so many tags—Cubic Zirconia resists easy classification—listen to the samples you’ll find below these lines. Cubic Zirconia - “Follow Your Heart”01. Yellow Spaceships Part Two 02. Darko 03. Black Hole 04. Summertime 05. Treats 06. Take me High 07. Freebase You 08. Follow your Heart 09. Cherry Nights ft Coultrane 10. Runnin In And Out Of Love ft Drop the Lime 11. Donʼt Be Scared Of My Love 12. I Got What You Need ft Dam Funk 13. Night or Day ft Bilal

Cubic Zirconia - “Follow Your Heart” (preview)

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