Short and dark days

CreepIn mid-November we told you about Creep and the official video for “Days”, a clip that at the time was leaked onto the Internet without the band’s consent and, as you’d expect, taken offline in a matter of days. That’s why, rather than speak about presentations, today we’re talking about a reunion with dark electronics: synthesiser pop that doesn’t hide its resemblance to the cleanest side of the new witch house school and the electronic underground of post-garage, made by Brooklynites Lauren Dillard and Lauren Flax, whose debut EP for Young Turks now has a release date set. The record, featuring two originals and two remixes (by Deadboy and Azari & III, no less), will be available in stores as from 19th December. If you want to get the 12” picture disc, you can pre-order here.

CREEP - “Days”01. Intro 02. Days 03. Days (Deadboy Remix) 04. Days (Azari & III Remix)

CREEP - Days

CREEP - Days (Deadboy Remix)


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