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The Count & SindenAlmost a whole year after the single “Mega” came out, we finally have some news about the forthcoming album from that pair of rhythm wrong-doers by the name of Count & Sinden. Alluding to the clubnight they promote and reside at in London, this first longplayer by Graeme Sinden and Herve will be called Mega Mega Mega. On the album there will be room for a dozen portions of a variety of bass-heavy dance music – essences of disco, kwaito rhythms, wooble house, the odd bit of cumbia and dancehall, and guest vocals from the likes of Rye Rye, Katy B, Mystery Jets, Bashy, Trackademicks, 77 Klash or Coolio Iglesias. Next Friday, “After Dark” will be online, which will be the new single taken from the album, which is in its turns set to reach us on 23rd August via Domino. The Count & Sinden - “Mega Mega Mega”

01. Do You Really Want It (feat. Trackademicks) 02. After Dark (feat. Mystery Jets) 03. Desert Rhythm 04. Hardcore Girls (feat. Rye Rye) 05. Roll Out (feat. 77 Klash) 06. Elephant 1234 07. Hold Me (feat. Katy B) 08. Mega 09. Addicted To You (feat. Bashy) 10. Panther 11. Llamamé (feat. Coolio Iglesias) 12. You Make Me Feel So Good Mega Mega Mega Minimix

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