Cora Novoa

Secret Garden

Cora NovoaShe told us this herself, regarding her luxe contribution to our exclusive podcast series: “The idea of the album goes back a long way. I wanted to do something which expressed most of my influences, brushstrokes of the sounds that have influenced me. The concept pervading the album is simple and complex at the same time: love. Love is what makes us get up everyday, play music and live; it’s the love I feel for people and things…It sounds romantic, but it’s the truth.” Thus spoke Cora Novoa, invoking love as a vital and creative drive, the day before the release of her debut album, put out today by Natura Sonoris. According to the label, “The Secret Garden” is an album which is difficult to classify, a collection of twelve highly-emotive songs mixing the several facets of this young Galician producer. “Nu-disco, electro-house, electronica, techno, and 8-bits combined with a very special pop sensibility that won’t leave anyone indifferent.” Lessons of house and hyper-melodic techno hypnotism, fearlessly flirting with prog-rock…

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