Com Truise

Galactic Melt

Com Truise The relationship between Com Truise and Ghostly International keeps bearing fruits. After the reissue of the acclaimed “Cyanide Sisters EP”, and the imminent release of the “Fairlight” EP, the Michigan label announces the arrival of the New Jersey synth-aholic’s first official album. It will be called “Galactic Melt” and its release is set for 5th July. We haven’t had the opportunity yet to listen to it, but Seth Haley says he made it as if it were a little soundtrack. So we’ll be dealing with a concept album that tells the tale of the rise and fall of Com Truise himself, here in the role of the first robot astronaut coming from Earth. How will that story be translated to sound frequencies? We think it will be with large doses of overjoyed arpeggios, sweet synthetic melodies, laminated funk basslines and galactic melodies. All that, wrapped in the inevitable vintage varnish that is typical for everything that comes out of the studio of this master of analogue sounds. And speaking of tangible things, the album will be released on CD, digital and, finally, vinyl, which means it will be the first time you can actually get a physical copy of Com Truise’s music. While we’re waiting on the first emission from “Galactic Melt”, here we leave you with “ Beta Eyes”, another of the songs on his upcoming EP.

Com Truise - "Beta Eyes" by One Thirty BPM

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