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Cologne TapeThere is a new superband: the off-club mood group formed by Axel Willner (aka The Field), Jörg Burger (aka The Modernist and half of Burger/Voigt), Jens-Uwe Beyer (aka Popnoname), Ada, Jan Philipp Janzen (percussion and programming in Von Spar), John Stanier (ex Helmet, and current man machine of Battles), John Harten and Daniel Ansorge (both visual artists and producers for the Kompakt camp) has been named Cologne Tape. A collective endeavour we understand pays tribute to the musical tradition from Cologne (all the aforementioned maintain strong ties with the city) parallel sounding to the most dense krautrock and contemporary bucolic electronica. The first fruit of the multiple collaboration, an EP titled Render, is the advance to an album landing in the summer, June the 14th, through new editorial platform Magazine. Distributed by Kompakt, it is born with the intention of positioning itself half way through the arts and music forms. As per all future Magazine releases, “Render”, will be limited to 300 vinyl copies and 1000 unique downloads.

Cologne Tape - “Render”A1. Render 1 A2. Render 2 (Magazine Edit) B1. Render 3 B2. Render 4 B3. Render 5 The Magazine team are working already on future releases by Barnt, PNN & Doc (label founders alongside Jaki Leibezeit from Can) and Loops of Your Heart (aka The Field).

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