Cold Cave

New album on Matador in April

Wesley Eisold, Dominick Fernow (aka Prurient) and Jennifer Clavin have finished working on the second “official” Cold Cave album, to again appear through Matador. If the distance between “Cremations” (twenty tracks taken from EPs, demos and live sets, recorded with basic means, that oscillated between cold synth-pop devastated by abrasive distortion, crepuscular noise and gothic techno-pop) and “Love Comes Close” (their first album on Matador, under the influence of the darkwave legacy but at the same time turning towards a much more luminous kind of synth-pop) already showed the band in the process of deconstructing their sound, then their new songs promise to be different, even more polished and refined. Eisold and his gang of collaborators have recorded, with the help of Chris Coady, nine songs that are like a love letter to New York, the city they live in. A symptom of the band’s constantly changing plans is the fact that on the credits there is room for a drummer (Gae Licata), up to four guitarists (among whom are Nick Zinner from Yeah Yeahs and Daryl Palumbo from Glassjaw) and two guest bassists (Palumbo and Matt Sweeney). The record, titled “Cherish The Light Years”, will be in stores on 4th April. If you like limited edition series, check out eBay, because the band have made a special edition of 123 copies that’s already sold out.

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