Easy Listening

Co.fee Easy Listening

L.A. collective My Hollow Drum, a shelter for beat innovators such as Teebs and yuk., keeps feeding up its publishing branch. After a cassette album (the exciting “A D W A”, starring yuk.) and a couple of very limited edition CD-Rs (by Teebs and Bahwee, respectively), the label now presents its first big project. The chosen one is Californian producer Co.Fee, who will release a debut mini-album titled “ Easy Listening”. As of yet there are no advance tracks (of this album) available, but judging from Co.Fee’s previous tracks and what the press release says, we can expect generous doses of creamy synths, exotic samples and a lot of genre boundary shattering. The promising producer’s debut will be out on 12th April.

Erykah Badu - Soldier (Co. fee Remix)

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