Remixes Roman Numeral 1

ClubrootPromises have been fulfilled. During the eleven months between his two albums, British Dan Richmond, a.k.a. Clubroot, has passed on from being an outstanding Burial emulator (the weight of the phantasmagorical 2-step and Will Bevan’s post-rave melancholy was still heavy on “Clubroot” (LoDubs, 2009)), to reaffirm his character with a second great album, “II: MMX” (LoDubs, 2010), which needs no defence, and which appeals to the same emotion without the need to justify itself. The evolution undergone by Clubroot over the past year might explain why LoDubs has decided, five months after the release of “II: MMX”, to release remixes of Clubroot’s earlier material. Richmond’s short discography will soon have a new reference in the form of a remix album. And, judging by the title, ( “Remixes Roman Numeral 1”), it seems like it’ll be more than one release. This first EP, to be release on 8th November, will feature the remixes Bryan Zentz and Kuma have made of “ Sempiternal” and “Dulcet”, two of the best tracks by “Clubroot”. In the best tradition of LoDubs, those purchasing the 12” will also get all the tracks on CD.

Clubroot - “Remixes Roman Numeral 1”01. Sempiternal (SPL remix)02. Dulcet (Bryan Zentz remix)03. Dulcet (Kuma remix)

Clubroot - Closure


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