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ClubrootListening to the homonym debut album by Dan Richmond aka Clubroot, a young producer from St. Alban, is difficult not think about a kid mystified by the South London urban ghosts Burial. A good comparison. Other comparisons or influences come from the esoteric and remote dubstep by Kryptic Minds or the postcards of bucolic and well worn electronica by Boards Of Canada. Tp step aside from the previous mentioned ghosts, Richmond has been visiting Turkey and Eastern Europe in search of the inspiration patent on “ II: MMX”, an introspective second album available through Lo Dubs a couple of days ago.

The album comes on three different releases: CD simple, double CD in hand numbered, letter-pressed box, with a bonus EP including “ Chamber”, “ Solar Flares” and “ Remember Me” plus the double vinyl and CD package.

Clubroot - “II: MMX” (CD)

01. Orbiting 02. Waterways 03. Dry Cured 04. Sjambok 05. Toe To Toe 06. Whistles & Horns 07. Running On Empty 08. Physicality 09. Dust Storm 10. Closure 11. Cherubs Cry

Clubroot - “II: MMX” (Vinyl)

A1. Orbiting A2. Waterways B1. Dry Cured B2. Whistles & Horns C1. Physicality C2. Dust Storm D1. Closure D2. Cherubs Cry

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