More disguises for Skelton

ClouwbeckThere’s a before and an after in the life of Richard Skelton, a dramatic turning point at which the Englishman started his particular sonic crusade. In the winter of 2004, his beloved Louis was taken away from him. Without the affection of the one he loved most, Skelton retired from the world, seeking refuge in the fields of Northern England and dedicating his lost hours to creating profound, intense and desolate music, which within its introspective spirit carries an intoxicating beauty. Ever since, the Briton has released more than a dozen records on which Skelton has been fine-tuning a personal sonic chemistry which rubs together experimental avant-folk, electro-acoustic ambient leaning towards drone, the soberest post-rock and the neo-classical school. After his recent outings on Type ( “Landings”, under his own name) and Tompkins Square ( “Crow Autumn”, under his A Broken Consort moniker), Skelton has just recovered another alias, Clouwbeck, to bring us a new record via his own label. The album carries the title “From Which the River Rises” (after the jump you can preview the four tracks on it) and is only available from Sustain-Release.


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