Cloud Nothings

First long step

Cloud NothingsIn less than a year, Cloud Nothings have managed to make a name of themselves in the overcrowded American scene thanks to infectious songs like “Hey Cool Kid”, rusty little hymns that have conquered the hearts of lo-fi pop fans. Two weeks ago, Carpark released a first collection of songs including 5 tracks previously released on singles and EPs plus the original tracklist of “Turning On” (a CD-R and cassette album released late last year via Bridgetown, and re-released on vinyl last February through Speakertree Records). It seems like for Carpark, this first reference by Dylan Baldi was an EP because now they are announcing the arrival of Cloud Nothings’ debut album. The self-titled, 10-track full-length recording is scheduled for release on 25th January in the U.S., and a day before in Europe via Wichita. Produced by Chester Gwazda, former collaborator of Dan Deacon and Future Islands.

Cloud Nothings - “Cloud Nothings”01. Understand at All 02. Not Important 03. Should Have 04. Forget You All the Time 05. Nothing's Wrong 06. Heartbeat 07. Rock 08. You're Not That Good at Anything 09. Been Through 10. On the Radio 11. All the Time

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