Clams Casino + Water Borders

More apexes for Tri-Angle

Clams Casino + Water Borders  Más vértices para Tri-Angle Yesterday was a big day for Tri-Angle, that bastion of new dysfunctional electronica of the drag school. Robin Carolan tweeted about the addition of two new and upcoming artists. One one hand, Tri-Angle reinforce their a-typical hip-hop side with Clams Casino, the fine electronic beatsmith who also goes by the names of Lil B, Main Attrakionz, The Jealous Guys and Soulja Boy. In a few weeks, Carolan will reveal more details about the debut EP of Clams Casino for the Tri-Angle. In the meantime you can listen to the latest instrumental mixtape by the New Jersey artist here.

The second signing of the obscure London label is Water Borders, a couple based in San Francisco who last year released their self-titled EP on Texan imprint Disaro (another essential witch house and drag label) plus a 12” on Hungry For Power. Their first album for Tri-Angle will be out in the second half of this year. For now we can get our hands on one of the songs of the album, in a temporary version, still unmastered. Grainy textures, synths between exotic and bad omen-like, ketamine voices and broken half-step beats with a certain Shackleton flavour. Promising. Water Borders - Feasting on Mongeese (unmastered)

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