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CindytalkIt’s hardly been a month since “Up Here In The Clouds” (Editions Mego, 2010) was put out, but the Viennese label Editions Mego has just announced a new release by Cindytalk. Cindytalk is former This Mortal Coil member Gordon Sharp’s vehicle for electronic exploration, which over the years has gone from post-punk romantic aggression (this is how Cindytalk began in the early 80’s, as a dark post-punk outfit) to the most intimate process of electro-acoustic experimentation creating a unique blend of cracked electronics and near awkward ambient textures. Encouraged by the good reviews garnered by their most recent album, Editions Mego has decided to compile on a single volume—a double LP—the two Cindytalk albums released to date, the aforementioned “Up Here In The Clouds” and “The Crackle Of My Soul” (2009), which up until now has only been available on CD. This double volume, re-titled “The Poetry Of Decay”, will see the light of day on 1st November. It comes with a 7” featuring two tracks released in 2003 on the Klanggalerie label.

Cindytalk - “The Poetry of Decay”

Those That FallA1. signalling through the flames A2. of ghosts and buildings A3. maglev A4. troubled aria A5. our shadow, remembered

Those That FlyB1. feathers burn B2. one hundred years tomorrow B3. if we meet, we meet in silence B4. debris of a smile

Those That SeeC1. the eighth sea C2. we are without words C3. i walk until i fall C4. switched to lunar

Those That SeekD1. hollow stare D2. the anarchist window D3. multiple landings D4. up here in the clouds

Cindytalk - Guts Of London


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