Christopher Willits

Tiger Flower Circle Sun

Chistopher WillitsDespite his youth (let’s say he’s in his early thirties), Californian Christopher Willits is a veteran in the field of electro-acoustic, and more or less experimental music. A disciple of Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith or John Bischoff during his student years at the reputable Mill College, Willits has around twenty albums to his name on labels such as 12k, Sub Rosa, Ache, Ghostly, Nibble, Room40 and Plop, not to mention his own Overlap imprint, released over the course of twelve years. As well, he has worked with such luminaries of the world of experimental music as Taylor Dupree, Oval, Kid606, Matmos, Zach Hill, Ryuichi Sakamoto... Quite a CV.

On 27th July, Willits will see his second album released on Ghostly International. The record, a collection of tracks about “love, connectivity and universal vibration,” that sounds like something between ambient drone, dream pop and glitchy indietronics, is called “Tiger Flower Circle Sun”. As a first contact with the poppier side of Willits, you can grab “Sun Body” here.

Christopher Willits – “Tiger Flower Circle Sun”01. Portal 02. Sun Body 03. Sunlight Is You 04. Green Faces 05. Uplifting The Streets 06. Plant Body 07. New Life 08. The Hands Connect To The Heart 09. The Heart Connects To The Head 10. Intend-Evolve 11. You Are Always Surrounded By Stars 12. Subconscious Transmission 13. Light Into Branches 14. Branches Into Flowers 15. Flowers Into Stardust (CD/Digital Bonus)

Chistopher Willits . Sun Body.mp3

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