Chad VanGaalen

New album on Sub Pop in May

Chad VanGaalen Keeping in mind that a couple of days ago Chad VanGaalen told Spinner that four of his “new albums” had been rejected by his labels since the release of his brilliant “Soft Airplane” (2008), today’s news is doubly good. Finally, after a few months of hibernation, VanGaalen has decided to come out of his Calgary cave to deliver a new collection of songs in the form of an official album. The record will be called “Diaper Island” and will be out on 17th May via Flemish Eye and Sub Pop. Word has it that it’s his most coherent and “rock” work to date, partly the fruit of ideas that came from the imagination of the Canadian troubadour after helping out with the production of his friends Women’s album “Public Strain”(Jagjaguwar, 2010).

When recording his new record, VanGaalen decided to depart from the tiny basement he used for the recording of his three previous discographic adventures. This time he opted for a larger studio, in search of a more refined sound. Sub Pop HQ says that the guitar will be playing the starring role on “Diaper Island” and that there will be more rocky songs without his usual melodic details. What hasn’t changed is that the Canadian, who apart from being a musician is also a reputed graphic designer, has designed the record sleeve, shown here.

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