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Chad VanGaalenTwenty months after the brilliant “ Soft Airplane” (Sub Pop, 2008) and nine months since his hit and miss long player debut as Black Mold (his experimental electronic alter ego), Canadian Chad VanGaalen has... f i v e! new records ready. Interviewed by Exclaim, the musician from Calgary certified that he’s got enough material ready to fill up five albums, two of them under the Black Mold moniker. On the other three, VanGaalen says, “ There's an electro record, there's a rock record and then there's a pretty much straight-up folk record. I'm not sure if they're going to come out as the individual albums or if I'm just going to throw them together onto one record and then put the rest of the stuff out as bonus material later. I'm just trying to figure out if each one of those records is strong enough on its own”.

There are currently few details regarding each album from the man with a penchant for throwing us off the scent and who possesses an outrageous sonic imagination. In his own words, the folk album was recorded with “ a bunch of mixed traditional folk instruments, like autoharps and balalaikas. The rock songs are a little bit more rockin'... I don't know if there's as much spacey weirdness. The electro stuff on it is a little bit more minimal and purely electro. It seems like a lot of the genres have crystalized into exactly what they're supposed to be.”

Under the Black Mold alias, VanGaalen is more lucid about the direction of the project. “I've been focusing on just drones lately." Although, "There could be a house record as well. I was imagining putting out that as a free download and the drones as the actual record.” None of this five albums so far have a tittle or tentative release date as yet although we can hope to hear some new tracks before the winter.

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