Dan Snaith’s earlier works bundled

In the wake of the critical acclaim for “Swim” (City Slang, 2010), The Leaf Label is trying to capitalise on Dan Snaith’s back catalogue. You know that before Caribou, Snaith signed his records as Manitoba, an alias that saw him develop from electronic territories close to IDM (the era of his 2001 debut album on Leaf, “Start Breaking My Heart”) to the expansive and colourful psych-pop of “Up In Flames” (Leaf/Domino, 2003). Those are two of the records Leaf, Snaith’s European label until four years ago, has collected on “Caribou 7 Disc Bundle”, now available for a “friendly price”. Apart from the aforementioned two albums, both on double CD and remastered, the bundle includes “The Milk Of Human Kindness” (the first record released by Snaith as Caribou, released by Leaf and Domino in spring 2005) and “Marino: The Videos” (a collection of videos made in 2005 by Delicious 9, for tracks from “Up In Flames” and “The Milk Of Human Kindness”, complete with four previously unreleased tracks from the sessions of that first Caribou album). Those four titles, across seven records in total (six CDs and a DVD), are available for 20 pounds. Cheaper would not be possible! You can download the bundle here.

Caribou - Marino: The VideosCaribou - Marino: The Videos

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