S. Carey

To grow, sooner or later

S. CareyWhile Justin Vernon entertains himself in the company of Collections of Colonies of Bees (as Volcano Choir) or alongside the vast family which recently gestated Gayngs’ first album, the main support on the stage when Bon Iver plays live has announced his solo album debut. Sean Carey, who plays drums and piano Vernon’s live show, has collected nine self-penned songs in “All We Grow” - a mature, dynamic work of subtle contrasts where converges jazz and classical forms converge with the pop sensibilities of a man who seems to explore his own persona based on the legacy of Mark Hollis, Sufjan Stevens or Steve Reich.. The debut album by S. Carey will be available around August 24th via Jagjaguwar. S. Carey - “All We Grow”

01. Move 02. We Fell 03. In the Dirt 04. Rothko Fields 05. Mothers 06. Action 07. In the Stream 08. All We Grow 09. Broken

S. Carey . In The Dirt.mp3

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