Candy Claws

Secret hideaway

Candy Claws Ryan Hover and Kay Bertholf, composers, arrangers and principle songwriters of Candy Claws , wrote Hidden Lands on a keyboard because they don’t know how to play keyboards. They wanted to have to rely completely on what sounded right, rather than on learned techniques. Strange chords and melodies arose that might sound “wrong” to the trained ear, but that sounded mysterious and exciting to the pair.” This is how Twosyllable introduce Candy Claws’ second album, a suggestive dose of nostalgic dream-pop which to the band is the soundtrack to the book, The Secret Life of the Forest (some the lyrics from the album are derived from the book’s text, by Richard M. Ketchum). Activating unconscious memory mechanisms and giving a sonic coherence to the record, they say “ each song on Hidden Lands contains a sample of every other song on the album.” We are intrigued by Hidden Land, to say the least. The album will be released on 3rd August, via Twosyllable.

Candy Claws – “Hidden Place”

01. In The Deep Time02. Sunbeam Show03. Warm Forest Floor04. On the Bridge05. The Breathing Fire06. Silent Time of Earth07. Hiding08. Miracle Spring09. Sun Arrow10. A Strange Land Discovered

Candy Claws - Sunbeam Show

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