Camu Tao

King of hearts

Camu TaoOn 25th May 2008, MC Camu Tao (his mama called him Tero Smith) died after a tough battle with cancer. Many of his projects remained unfinished, orphans of an impulse that could never again be counted. Two years on, and thepeople close to Camu Tao decided to settle the past by releasing the material the Columbus, Ohio, wordsmith was working at the moment of his untimely death. Definitive Jux and Fat Possum have teamed up to put out “King of Hearts”, the posthumous album of Camu Tao on 17 th August. Apart from that, El-P has decided to give away part of the recordings he made alongside Camu Tao for their Central Services project. You can download the El-P, “Forever Frozen In Television Time”, by clicking here. Camu Tao - “King of Hearts”01. Be a Big Girl 02. Bird Flu 03. Death 04. Fonny Valentine 05. Actin a Ass 06. Get at You 07. Ind of the Worl 08. Intervention 09. King of Hearts 10. Major Team 11. Plot a Little 12. The Moment 13. The Perfect Plan 14. Play O Run 15. When You're Going Down 16. Fuck Me Acapella

Camu Tao - When You're Going Down Camu Tao - Perfect Plan

Ilustración de Augustine Kofie.

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