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Mordant MusicThe Mordant Music label has two pieces of news for us. In mid-November, the label will release a new EP by Vindicatrix, but what has really caught our attention is the existence of “MisinforMation”, a DVD created jointly by Mordant Music (the band) and the British Film Institute (BFI). This is how Baron Mordant explains the process:

"The cordial gentlemen of the BFI led me blindfolded onto the roof at the BFI HQ Stephen Street and left me propped against an obsolete Steenbeck with instructions to sniff my way to the nearest nitrate room, ruMMage through the VHS mountain and not leave until I'd misinformed at least one reel of usable DVD in the midst of ruptured telecine transfers and squealing reels a selection of COI films, redolent to my youth, unearthed me and I duly smeared them with my detritus...I imagined sounds & characters leaving one film & cropping up in another and that's the way it eventually spooled...a narrative manifested itself and 'a return to the sea' would appear to be the iMMediate answer for future spores..."

In a nutshell: Baron Mordant, the only member of Mordant Music as of late, has re-imagined the store of an array of documentaries and public information films produced by the Central Office of Information (COI) during the ’70s and ’80s. The result has been described by the BFI as a “serendipitous meeting of sound and image that has produced one of the BFI's most startling and uncategorisable DVD releases.” Intrigued? The BFI will release the DVD “MisinforMation” on 6th December. Pre-order here. Mordant Music - SyMptoMs

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