Taken by the river

CFCFSlowly but surely, adhering only to the rhythm imposed by his own impulses, Canadian Michael Silver (alias CFCF) continues adding tempered arguments to his body of work. Capable of going from Italo to glitch-pop with a chiptune aftertaste, from robotic electro to 80’s post-disco, and always displaying his taste for melodies and pop structures which are unusual on the beat making scene and in modern electronic music production, his new collection of songs will hit retailers on 12th October through RVNG Intl. Inspired by Fitzcarraldo (1982), a film by Werner Herzog, CFCF has written six new colder, darker songs for “The River”, with hints of Brian Eno or Popul Vuh style ambient. Those among you opting for the physical version of the album, will find a download code including two remixes of “Frozen Forest” (by Jacques Renault and Coyote) and a mid-funk remake of “It Was Never Meant to Be This Way”, signed by Brooklyn-based band Games, the project Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) shares with Joel Ford.

CFCF - “The River”A1. Before and After Light A2. It Was Never Meant To Be This Way A3. Upon the Hill B1. Frozen Forest B2. The River B3. Orage

CFCF - “Before and After Light”


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