Dying Alone

BvdubA year after the pale but never anaemic White Clouds Drift On And On (Echospace, 2009), an album geared up to the placid Pop Ambient, the aloof Brock Van Wey (aka Bvdub) has announced a forthcoming record via Glacial Movements, a Rome-based label that claims to be interested in every single form of isolated and cold music. A standard of ambient, dub and techno on labels like Styrax, Meanwhile or Millions Of Moments, Van Wey walks again through the placid path in “The Art of Dying Alone”, a collection of six long frames of ambient wrapped in cotton wool recorded at his new residence in Shaoxing, China, that will be released through Glacial half way through July.

bvdub - “The Art of Dying Alone”

01. Descent to the End 02. Nothing From No One 03. To Finally Forget It All 04. No More Reasons Not to Fall 05. No One Will Ever Find You Here 06. The Art of Dying Alone


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