Computer Cooties

BusdriverL.A. rhymer Regan Farquhar, a.k.a Busdriver, is waging two wars simultaneously: on the one hand, Farquhar is working on a new solo album, a new sample of rhymes and hyper-kinetic flow, the follow-up of “Jhelli Beam” (Anti-, 2009); and on the other, the MC is involved in Physical Forms, a project with ex-members of the defunct band, The Mae Shi. Despite so much activity, Busdriver has still found time to create “Computer Cooties”, a varied digital mixtape that features beats and remixes by Wolf Parade (the base for “Computer Cooties” for the most part), Daedelus, Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Free The Robots, Moderat and Anti-Pop Consortium. Get the mixtape by leaving your mail address here.


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